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With a focus on risk management, transparency and the reduction of financial crime, crypto companies have been confronted in recent years with increasingly stringent laws and regulations in the area of Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer. European directives set stricter requirements for conducting Customer Due Diligence, aimed at ensuring the integrity of the business. Crypto companies are expected to know who they are doing business with by identifying potential customers or partners and taking appropriate control measures. Screening and monitoring user relationships by adhering to policies and procedures is essential. These measures should prevent criminals using crypto services for money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activities. But how do you prevent or even detect money laundering, terrorist financing or fraud? In this session we talk you through the most important measures and day to day activities of our crypto crime fighters.

Partick and Femke are both responsible for the Risk & Compliance department in the company, whereby Patrick, as Compliance officer, is responsible for designing the policy, and Femke must ensure that it is also adhered to in the operational processes.