Dodo Games

The journey of creating LICHT

A truthful story of a small independent game development company trying to make their first real game. And what it takes to finish it.

DODO GAMES takes you on a 30 minute journey about creating your own game entirely from scratch with some people you don’t really know and all the good and bad things that happened because of it. We take a thorough look at our last year of game development and mention some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.


Tim Aarntzen (Founder, President)

Hylke Huijgen (Founder, CEO)

Joey van Merode (Founder, Art Director)

Tim Aarntzen, Hylke Huijgen and Joey van Merode all study Game Architecture and Design at the Saxion university of applied sciences Enschede. One year ago they founded their own company, Dodo Games, with 4 other students and started working on they game that would soon become "LICHT". However, as with every software project things did not go as planned. Too many people in a fresh new team lead to too many different ideas. Also they did not fully know in what ways and how much they could rely on each others skills.

Now reborn as a phoenix, they are proud to present you LICHT, available SoonTM, and the process of getting here.