Ronimo Games

Multiplayer Programming: achieving smooth gameplay despite the fickle internet

This talk will set the "Gaming Technologies"-tone by adressing the different hurdles that making online games brings with it.

One of the hardest challenges in game development is achieving a smooth multiplayer experience despite the latency and unreliability of the internet. Especially in a fast multiplayer game the gameplay should be highly responsive and predictable, even though the internet connection that fuels it might have high ping, packet loss and jitter. In this talk, Joost will describe the various approaches to structuring the gameplay code in a multiplayer game and how to hide latency from the player, drawing on his experiences developing Awesomenauts and the Swords & Soldiers series.


Joost van Dongen

Lead programmer / co-founder at Ronimo Games

Joost van Dongen is lead programmer and co-founder of Ronimo Games, the Utrecht-based independent studio behind the award winning games Awesomenauts and Swords & Soldiers 1 & 2. When they were still students, they also made the original version of De Blob. In his spare time Joost made the abstract racing game Proun and the live performance game Cello Fortress. He is currently working an an unannounced new game at Ronimo, and in his spare time on an album with instrumental cello music. Joost regularly writes about game development and other creative endeavours on his blog at