Pine - Storytelling in an Autonomous Game World

Among the many challenges of creating their 3D open world action adventure debut title Pine (2019), Twirlbound tells you about telling stories in a digitally simulated ecology.

Twirlbound's Matthijs van de Laar takes you through the plethora of challenges that the creation of their debut title Pine brought, of which telling stories in a dynamically changing world has not been the least. How do you connect to characters and a storyline, while the actors for that story might not even exist? Follow the thought processes and designs that emerged from the highly ambitious open world game by a young studio of 7 from Breda.


Matthijs van de Laar

Creative Director

As co-founder and creative director of Twirlbound, Matthijs is concerned with the design, narrative and production of their games, as well as running a creative business in Breda